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Colombo to Ella Train Guide, Ticket Cost & Time Table

How to get Colombo to Ella train?

Moving from Colombo to Ella train is the happiest and the enjoyable journey. It involves the display of the two important and the most significant cities in the country. These cities are important not only from the domestic or economical point of view but also for tourism’s importance. These two cities have attracted the people not only from a specific part of the country but from all the countries of the world equally. Many researchers and tourists come to these cities to get the details of the different cultures prevailing in the country. There are many ways to travel from Colombo to Ella including bus and trains. Apart from that, many other modes of transportation like plane, car and other vehicles are also used for going from Colombo to Ella. The distance between Colombo and Ella is approximately 132 km. However, by traveling through road the becomes about 205.5 km The best to travel to Ella from Colombo is by train.


Colombo is the capital of the country. It holds significant value or place in the country as it is the major contributor to the economy and the tourism of the country. This is a piece of immense interest for people all over the world. Many researchers came here to explore the minor details of the Sri Lankan culture.


Ella is a small town that is located in the district of Uva province. This city has great importance in tourism. Many important resorts and restaurants are located in this city. Many people travel to this city for the business dealings and also for spending the vacations in summer as well as in winter. Diyaluma falls, Ella rock, Lipton’s seat and nine arch bridge are the famous places to be visited in Ella.

Colombo to Ella train is the best way to travel from Colombo to Ella. As this is the only form of traveling that gives exposure to the culture and the traditions of the society. As traveling through train gives you the chances of seeing the different people within the train as well as outside the train. The different unique and exceptional places are also part of the journey and one can easily view them by the windows of the train. Moving from Colombo to Ella train guide is also the safest and the most comfortable means of traveling. You do not need to rush in a hurry as the timings are fixed. In the same way, there is also fixed fare tables so in that case, you do not have to argue about the fares. The only thing that you have to do is to buy a ticket form the station and to enter the train. There are many classes in a train that have different fare tables. The main categories are:

  • Business class
  • Standard class
  • Economy class

colombo to ella train

These classes are different according to the nature of the facilities that have been provided in them. If you are going to travel in the business class, then it will benefit you in many more ways than just traveling. The luxurious facilities and services are provided to the people in this class. The tickets are expensive for traveling in it but when it comes to ease and comfort, it is the best option to travel in this class of train traveling.

Standard class is not a good choice if you are having enough money to travel in business class. But if there is a shortage of money, then it is better to travel in this section of the train. This part is almost always crowded by the people and the travelers are not even able to focus the outside view. This is the second class that does not give you the chance to have a comfortable journey. One must think about a moment before traveling in this part of the train.

Economy class is the third class on the train. It has poor people and sometimes even the labors. There is no provision of facilities in this part of the train. The train is so crowded that you will smash into the faces of other people. This part is equally crowded by the students, job holders, and even the workers.

Traveling by train is far better than traveling by bus. The distance is covered easily and nature can also be explored. As Sri Lanka is the country of long palm trees and the lush gardens of tea. Traveling by train will give you a chance to see these beautiful scenes. Extrovert people will enjoy this form of traveling and will wish to travel again to Colombo to Ella train. If you are a traveler and are fond of traveling then Colombo to Ella train guide should be used.

Traveling by train sounded irritating when we talk about the few years that have been passed. But in recent time, the facilities and the services have been improved. The provision of the great facilities in the business class has made the traveling experience much more exciting and interesting. The journey does not cause any tiredness, instead, it makes people more fresh and enthusiastic for their work and also for getting ready for more enjoyment if they are traveling for the tourism purpose. Colombo to Ella can be moved by not only through a single train, instead, but there are also many trains that are offering this facility for their passengers. If you are going to travel in business class, then you can also arrange some games and also put the different eatables during the journey. It will make your travel more memorable and attractive. The colors of the Sri Lankan culture are visible easily to travelers from the train. One can also hire the private bus for the family for traveling from Colombo to Ella and if a single person is going to travel, then a private car will also be a good choice but not everyone can afford it.


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