Is Sri Lanka Safe for Solo Female Tourists

Is Sri Lanka Safe for Solo Female Tourists?

Basically the common question which arises when ladies are planning a trip to a Sri Lanka is, “is Sri Lanka safe for single female travelers?”  That’s the true and natural comment to get, on top of that sort of a question because mainly nowadays the travelers are much concerned about their safety. Meanwhile, these solo travelers are more spontaneous and they want to do the things that they like and capable enough to do in their vacation rather than going on a preplanned and structural trip.

Sri Lanka always welcoming ladies to the country. From the beginning of seeing Sri Lanka over the clouds, Sri Lankan air hostesses are greeting you and serving very professionally while ensuring your safety onboard. Since the current safe condition of the country, all the lady tourists are secured on this island even though they are traveling alone. Once it comes to trip advisor and lonely planet comments, it proved that there are many solo lady travelers who had come to Sri Lanka and they enjoyed their trip until they had a safe flight back to their mother countries. 

Sri Lanka is always welcoming tourists in any category, as this island has the capability to cater to them very well. In a considerable percentage Solo tourist’s attention also was won by this nice country, because the online systems and other services were developed to travel individually. Among the solo travelers, male travelers are much courageous to travel to unknown countries depending on their confidence level of accepting challenges if occurs. Appreciatively single ladies also love to travel to Sri Lanka and explore this beautiful island. 

Tips for Females Travelers

For all the ladies who are anxious to fly to Sri Lanka to spend a memorable holiday here some tips to consider when the tour is being planned.

Do Research

Firstly just search for some information about the country where you are about to step in. you can grab lots of information through the internet. It is better to suggest to go through tourists’ comments on media sites such as trip advisor. There may be good, average and bad comments and generalize them with yourself to get an idea about your physical fitness and the confidence level to travel alone.

Respect Dress Code

When it comes to the dress code in here better to bring some cotton cloths with you. Because cotton cloths absorb the sweat. In the day time, it is really hot outside. You cannot wear very short dresses in Sri Lanka. Because it grabs unwanted attention from the public when you are outside. But still, you can use your normal casual dresses. Bikini and other proper swimwear are accepted in beaches but don’t try to come to the streets. Always cover your body once you are in public.

Choose Transportation Wisely

For the transportation taxies also available in cities but the prices might be higher than others but still, you can bargain with drivers. Tuk-Tuk will be the cheapest way to travel short distances and it’s commonly available. But try to get on to a meter Tuk it shows the cost of the trip according to the distance. Tuk drivers cannot raise their prices over the limits as all the tourists can access digital modes of finding rental vehicles in urban areas in Sri Lanka.

Always you can rely on the public transportation system. Mainly there are buses and trains. The point is mostly these buses and trains might get fully crowded with local people in the morning time and in the evenings as locals used to use buses and trains very much. Sometimes you might not get a seat and might have to get squeezed among locals.  If available get an offline Route map of your destination. For Colombo, you can download a bus app called Bus Routes Colombo. Trust me this app will be life-saver for you when exploring the streets of Colombo. If you need to travel from the main city and to another better to travel in the day time as in the night time there will be fewer buses or trains. Better to go to the bus stand and pick a bus when it starts its journey, then you can get a seat next to a window. And the most important thing is you have to take care of the protection of your belongings and your selves. 

It is common to get one or two curious stares during the trip. Without taking them into your shoulder, be brave and enjoy the view outside through the shutter. If you feel you need help don’t think twice raise your voice. That is true, it is a really big challenge to the government to handle a general public. But still Sri Lanka Police, as well as three forces, never leave a room for anybody to do outlaw thing for foreign tourists.

Save Emergency Numbers

Rules, regulations, and punishments are really strict when it comes to a matter of harassment of foreign lady tourists. In order to assist ladies who travel alone in the country Sri Lanka Police has the Women and Child division is twenty-four seven hours open to assist all the ladies once they are in a problem. So keep local tourist police numbers in your mobile. 

The emergency numbers for Sri Lanka are (always double-check these before your trip):

119 – Police Emergency Service

110 – Ambulance

111 – Fire and Rescue

* Getting a local SIM is a great idea too!

Don’t Travel at Night

Traveling in the night time might not be a wise decision for a tourist lady. Because your protection is the first priority. Cities are operating up to nine o’clock in the evening, But try to finish traveling before eight in the evening, To be very frank to you, if you willing to fly to Sri Lanka, you will never get lost in Sri Lankan streets. Native people are really generous to help foreign tourists. That can be seen not only in the cities but also in rural villages. Sometimes, a person that you meet, he or she might be not good enough in English but if you can convince that you need help our people never leave you alone.

Pay in Cash

There are some cases about Credit Card skimming, so prefer to pay by cash.  If you need to go shopping there are plenty of shops are opened. And for necessities, it’s better to go to a supermarket. And for local food and fruits, you always have the local shops. In some places, you can bargain and in classy places, you cannot bargain. Keep some little amount of cash in your pocket and at the restaurants and supermarkets. If you have some excess cash with you, divide them into little amounts and hide them in different places in your suitcase. And make sure to put a lock to the bag too. Generally, keep your passport with you all the time. If the police stop you to check your identity never be hesitate to assist you.  

24/7 Internet Access

Once you are stepping out accommodation, if you are walking or hiring a Tuk Tuk,  it’s better to keep an eye on Google maps just to make sure whether you are going to the correct destination. And if you are walking along the village streets or riding bicycles be careful about street dogs.

Be Local

Being a lady is not an obstacle to visit Sri Lanka. It’s a lovely island with full of beautiful-hearted people. As a nation whole tourism and hospitality sector is there to ensure your comfort throughout the journey. Please never hesitate to talk to people and express your ideas. It is lovely to share experiences with you and native families. Once you are with a Sri Lankan family, they will definitely treat you as their own daughter.  

If you are a food lover amazing thing for ladies, you can taste various and delicious meals, street foods along the track of your journey in Sri Lanka. Because Sri Lankan women are great cooks with generous hands of spices. Perhaps you might get another chance to shape Sri Lankan Saari to feel how much Sri Lankan culture is vibrant. From the north point of the island, Point Pedro to the most southern point of the country, Point Dondra, Ladies are welcome to travel even though you are alone.  And this piece of land can be called as a must-see place in the world.


Sri Lankans very good-hearted peoples. You will be never alone on such an island. Be friendly with people. As you a solo lady tourist, don’t reveal yourself much to strangers. Keep a tour guide book with you to make sure you are getting basic information to compare with the existence to not fall into frauds.

Let your hair dance in the salty wind. Let your fingertips feel the cold in the cloudy hills. Let your soul fly over the greenish mountains. Let your heart to smile with a warm and generous smile of Sri Lankan people. Let our people serve you once in our motherland, trust me Sri Lanka will be your home away home. 

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