Jungle Beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka
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Jungle Beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka – A Great Spot for Swimming

Jungle Beach Unawatuna

In Sri Lanka, while Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Arugam Bay, Weligama, and Mirissa were rising to the top of the list of most beautiful beach destinations, Jungle Beach in Unawatuna had never even been mentioned as one of the best beaches.However, in the present day, it is considered one of the most popular beaches on the entire island as a result of its lush coral reef, its breathtaking bay, as well as its calm and unspoiled beaches.

Now, it’s being visited by a considerable amount of tourists, most of whom go snorkeling or swimming here. Sometimes night parties also take place there as well. It takes a short climb downhill from the picturesque Japanese Peace Pagoda at the tip of Rumassala to get to Jungle Beach. Meandering through the lush Rumassala forest and hopping from rock to rock the climb downhill is quite an adventure for lazy legs.

As soon as you lay your eyes on the first sands of the jungle beach and the blue strip of the ocean, you know that your climb was worth every step! This majestic pagoda is located in the center of the jungle beach, and it was gifted by a Japanese Buddhist monk in 2005. It is one of the biggest and brightest pagodas you will ever see in Sri Lanka.

By 4.30 pm, walk uphill to the Peace Pagoda for the best sunset in Galle (of course in inappropriate clothing). Smell the sea breeze, breathe deeply and let go of all the responsibility in your head for a while. In minutes you will see a memorable mosaic; a setting sun, a city heading to sleep and the eternal voice of the ocean.

Jungle Beach Swimming

The beach water is clean and there are no strong waves, making it an ideal place for swimmers. When you enter the beach, you will see lots of swim beds available to rent for a small cost. Keep running until eventually you reach the second bay if you want to stay away from the crowds. It will take you a while to reach the second bay, but once you do, you will probably notice that there aren’t many people around.

Jungle Beach Unawatuna Sri Lanka
Isn’t Good for Swimming?

Jungle Beach Snorkeling

At Jungle Beach, snorkeling in the bay is probably one of the most memorable experiences that you will ever have. The reef that lines the bay is teeming with coral, turtles, dolphins, moray eels, and reef sharks. It is only second in size to the great barrier reef of Australia. Glass bottoming along the reef and above a few famous wrecks could also be part of the Jungle Beach adventure. If you are an avid bookworm, grab a giant coconut and lie down in the clean sands to complete that chapter or two in Sri Lankan style!

Getting to Jungle Beach Unawatuna

Jungle Beach is situated one & a half hours from Colombo via the southern expressway. It is just a few kilometers from the highway exit at Pinnaduwa. It’s also possible to get here by tuk-tuk from Unawatuna town and take a day trip from Bentota or Mirrisa. If you are staying in Galle, you will quickly reach it.

To avoid wasting your time and money, consider combining jungle beach and primary Unawatuna beach trips into a single visit. Even walking to jungle beach from Unawatuna takes about an hour. The route involves rocks and greenery, so it is recommended that comfortable shoes be worn if you are intending to make it by steps. If not, you can also take a Tuk-Tuk at the cost of around 500 LKR ($2.50) from the Unawatuna to the Jungle beach.

Jungle Beach Restaurants

The jungle beach spot does not seem to be very much developed at the present time, but this does not mean there aren’t any restaurants in the area offering traditional and western cuisines, so it’s not surprising to see that the prices are higher than average for food in such a small area.

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