Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala Rock – A Proper Guide for Travelers

 Pidurangala rock has great importance because of the “Pidurangala Vihara” temple. Temple was built on a massive rock called Pidurangala, which is located near the historic fort near Sigiriya. You can see the caves visible how they lived in ancient times, stupa how they meditate and pray and many archeological and historic buildings they built. People also visit for the purpose of hiking adventure for healthy purpose and enjoy the sunrise. Basically, this rock is used for hiking and adventure purposes and gained importance because of Sigiriya. This palace attracts people as it is best for exercise and has a healthy environment. Visitors visit in order to gain beautiful experiences of their life and made them memorable. Hiking is a major attraction for the people and boosts stamina because 2 hours long hiking on a massive rock is not easy. It is better to walk with patience and take rests after 30 minutes to make your experience easy and a little bit effortless. Very small people community move towards this activity because of love and affection towards anything demand time and effort. Most loved site by locals as well as tourists and attraction for the beautiful scene of sunrise is remarkable.

How to get there?

If you’re staying in Dambulla it takes less than 40 minutes by bus and cost is about 40 LKR (to Sigiriya). Tuk-Tuk takes around 15000 from Dambulla to Sigiriya town. From there you can go by walking., From lion Rok to Pidurangala about 3.5 km.  Pidurangala Rock climb takes between 20-30 minutes. If you coming from Colombo by public transport (train and bus) read my guide complete guide here

When to go:

  Every public place has different timings depends on the routine and culture and authority rules and regulations. This place is open for the whole year. Best time to visit this place in the early morning at 5:00 am to view the beautiful sunset or evening to view the sunset. If you are going to attend sunset keep in mind there is no light on top and on the path so make sure you come back before too dark. 

Entry fee:

Famous public places maybe have a fee to enter. The is fee is used further for the maintenance of the places. This place is well maintained in this matter and people feel refreshing and lasts a good experience in their minds. The fee is also for the symbolic purpose that you are contributing to the development of national interest and giving evidence of a responsible citizen. For locals, it is free of cost, but foreigners pay the fee. At the base of Pidurangala Rock, you will find Pidurangala Sigiri Rajamaha Viharaya, which is a white temple. Pass through the temple and pay the $3 USD (500 LKR) entrance fee.

Interesting Facts:

This rock has heritage value. It is a massive rock and hard to climb. Tourists often don’t go because of height and climb. It is less crowded than Sigiriya because of religious importance.


Scammers are everywhere and they cheat you as early as possible. As it is a friendly place people came here and enjoy there are very few complaints about scammers. But be ready and aware of any unwanted experience. Stay away from pickpocketers as well. Don’t take valuables with you if you own then secure them. If you find any suspicious and strange person who is doing any uncommon activity report to the concerned authorities. Avoid Tuk-tuk unless it’s essential. 

Do & Don’ts:

  • Always wear easy clothes to visit and show a gentle and modest appearance.
  • Respect religion and don’t speak against other religion that spreads violence.
  • Don’t forget to take hiking equipment with you.
  • You should have a water bottle with you.
  • Kindly assure that you are physically fit for the way.
  • Don’t litter any type of garbage or leftover because it is also our responsibility to keep public places clean like a house.
  • Don’t argue in the entry fee because this fee help authority to keep the park clean.
  • Avoid the use of abusive language.
  • Respect nature and don’t damage any type of plant because it left a very unpleasant environment.
  • Walk and run only on the designed trails and patches because how can any plant grow on land if we start doing this. Taking short cuts causing the soil to destroy.
  • Don’t move any stone, bushes, antlers, etc. Because it can cause damage to plants as well as small insects.
  • Do not approach to wildlife like bird’s nest or other animals that disturb its living.
  • Don’t pluck flowers because park only and foremost beauty are beautiful flowers then other steps are secondary.
  • Don’t camp and do any activity that is not allowed. If allowed, then ask for the permission and process.
  • Pollution is a major problem of parks; self-pollution is a major problem of parks. People came but throw like there is an authority is responsible for the park cleanness which is wrong. Litter in the bin if not then pack this and through outside the park in a bin.
  • Take your safety measures with you like a flashlight, compass, pocketknife, etc. in need.
  • If mobile battery issue, then spare a power bank for the mobile users to face this problem.
  • Always be a problem solver don’t a troublemaker. Sometimes unintentional activity you have done for fun may results in you in danger.
  • If you are a tourist, then respect both cultural values so that you left a positive impression about your country.
  • If possible, plant a sapling as it’s a requirement of hiking ethics.


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