Sri Lanka Itinerary 7 Days

Sri Lanka Itinerary 7 Days (1 Week ) – What to do in 7 Days

Because Sri Lanka’s climate changes dramatically during the monsoon months, I have created a 7-day itinerary highlighting all the best places to visit in Sri Lanka during that time. In Sri Lanka, there are some places where it rains most of the time. Therefore, it’s important to plan where to go and when during your visit. The most suitable time to visit Sri Lanka for most places is from December to March.

While preparing yourself for the trip to Sri Lanka, you need to ensure that you choose the clothes to wear on the trip. There are very fewer chances of buying updated clothes or extra items immediately, so you need to be careful while putting on your clothes. You need to make a schedule for traveling to different places in Sri Lanka. There are a variety of places that hold particular significance in the culture and history of the country. Therefore, it is best to decide which places you will visit first and which places you will visit after the first ones.

Sri Lanka itinerary for 7 Days

Sri Lanka is an island in Southern Asia. This country offers a unique blend of the cultural aspects along with the wildlife and the attractive beaches. The warm water in the beaches comes from the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka offers a variety of reasons for visiting it. The area of the country is about 65000 square kilometers. There is also a variety of interesting activities in the country. English is a commonly used language in the country. This country attracts people all over the world and many research had been done on exploring the beauty of the island. In the last few years, this island has gained particular importance in the field of tourism.

Listed Below is Sri Lanka Itinerary for 1 week.

Colombo Day 1:

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. It has the most influential facts and the figures of the country. Colombo is a good and easily accessible place for traveling. If you are going to visit Sri Lanka, then starting with this beautiful and busy city is the best option to choose. At least, one the day should be spent to explore the facts and the beauty of Colombo. The local temples that are located in the city give an eye-catching view to the visitors. Though the places to be visited in Colombo are not located on a walking distance but the facility of the tuk-tuk make the visit easy and more enjoyable. It is best to have a ride in the tuk-tuk for the exploration of the Colombo city.  

The Colombo city has a moderate temperature and can be visited easily all around the year without any second thought. In Colombo city, make sure to visit the Guadarrama temple. Though there are many other places for worship this temple is one of the most famous places of worshipping. You can also visit the Colombo city on the four-hour drive of the tuk-tuk. It will give you the chance of moving into the narrow streets and other popular areas of the country. If you wish to spend the night in Colombo city, then Hilton Colombo Hotel is ye best place. This hotel will also give you the chance of viewing the stunning sights of the Indian Ocean.

Safari and visit to Dambulla Day 2:

Dambulla cave temple is the largest complex of the caves that are painted beautifully. A long walk is required to visit the 4 temples.   The cave begins at an elevated level of about 340 meters high above the level of the sea. This will give you the finest view of the green panorama.

Habaran is the city of Sri Lanka. Near this city, Minneriya National park is located. One can enjoy the safari at the park easily. it will enhance the joy of the trip and will make it more and more memorable. The highlights of the wildlife of Sri Lanka include the wild leopards and the big elephants. In other words, we can say that Sri Lanka is actually the motherland of the elephants. About 10% of the total population of the world’s elephants is present in Sri Lanka that makes this country more attractive and desirable to be visited by the people.  At Minneriya National Park, there are 200 elephants that can be seen easily. In fact, you can see the herds of these elephants in the park.

Apart from Minneriya, Kadulla is also a park where there is abundance if the elephants and can be seen easily. if you are going to stay here, then Jetwing Lake hotel is a good choice. There is also a big swimming pool in this hotel. During the trip to this city, make sure to spend some hours of relaxation in this hotel.

Sigiriya Day 3:

The third day of your trip will offer you the opportunity to climb the legendary rock of Sigiriya. You will start your day by moving towards the most attractive and photogenic place in the country called Sigiriya. This place has the rock that people climb for enjoyment. The rock is about 400 meters high and for climbing it, there are almost 1000 stairs. Though the experience will be very memorable, it will be very tiring and can be seen as an effective workout. Sigiriya also holds the unique aspects of history. It is now the part of the UNESCO list and it frequently visited by the people from different areas as well as from different countries. It is best to visit Sigiriya in the morning time because in the afternoon the extensive heat and the crowd of people make the place messy and dirty.

Kandy Day 4:

Kandy can be seen as the cultural capital of the country because this place holds the most effective and influential facts of the culture of the country. On the distance of 4 kilometers from Kandy, the Royal Botanical Garden is located. If you are a lover of nature, then you must pay a visit to Kandy as well as the Botanical Garden. The dates of the Garden reflect the ancient era of the Kings. The Garden is located on an area of 59 hectares. So a complete day is required to visit it fully. Kandy has the Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic, which is one of the holiest and sacred temples or shrines of the world. After the full day of tiredness, it is best to stay in a restaurant or a hotel. Amaya Hills Kandy is the best option for staying in Kandy.

Kandy to Nuwara Eliya train trip, Day 5:

Moving from Kandy o Nuwara Eliya by train is one of the most fascinating and the memorable experience in the trip. While moving from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya through train, you will be able to see the beautiful scenes of nature. The scenery will not remain static on a single view, rather the scenes will change continuously from spice and banana trees to eucalyptus and pine forests. If one will watch with full concentration, he or she will be able to see the waterfalls that come across the way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.  Before starting the journey in the train, must take the tickets from the station. It is up to you whether you take the tickets of the first class or the second class. Nuwara Eliya is located between the mountains and even in the warmest months of the year, the temperature of this are of the country is remains about 17 degrees.

Nuwara Eliya Hills Day 6:

Little England is the nickname given to the Nuwara Eliya. The 6th day will give you the chance of visiting the tea factory. This area is not located closer to civilization and therefore the hotels do not have luxurious facilities like those of Kandy and Colombo. Here, you will be able to taste the local tea.

Negombo Beach Day 7:

Probably, this will be the last day of your trip to the most beautiful and the impressive country. Negombo can be seen as a unique piece of the country that is situated on a distance of 20 kilometers from the Colombo International Airport. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches in the country. This is the place that will force you to stay here as much longer as you can. You should spare at least 2 to 3 days for visiting this beautiful piece of paradise. You can see the beauty of the sunset from the beach. The breeze that blows on the seaside will give you charm and happiness. If you are a trained swimmer, you can also avail the golden chance of swimming here. Club Hotel Dolphin is a good choice for staying here.   

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