Sri Lanka curry and rice

Sri Lankan Vegetarian Food Guide for Travelers

There are many varieties of food that Sri Lanka offers to its visitors. All of these dishes are tasty and can give you the mouth-watering feelings. These various kinds of dishes are influenced by cultural as well as historical factors. The import and export with the traders in other countries brought a revolution into the taste of the Sri Lankan culture. The influence from the neighboring countries has also caused the amendments in the food of this country. Sri Lanka not only offers vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes for its visitors. You can enjoy both of them at the same time. There are many luxurious hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka that are giving the golden chance of testing all the dished and famous desserts of the culture under the single roof.  Though, veganism is not very common in Sri Lanka. The curries that are commonly used as food in the country are made of vegetables and vegan. The ingredients of this unique dish include coconut oil, vegetables, spices, and coconut milk.

Curry and rice are the most important and commonly used dishes of Sri Lankan culture. Lentil dhal, rice noodles, roti bread, and coconut pancakes are a good choice for those who wish to enjoy the vegetarian taste in the country.

As there are many people who visit the country. They have different cultural and historical backgrounds that have lead to the development of different taste. Sri Lanka is offering equal opportunities of having the best food items for all the people, not only to a specific section or population.

Sri Lankan Vegetarian Food Guide for Travelers

Having a Sri Lankan dish or a meal is a ravishing experience. Sri Lankan food is equally tasty and important for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. When you will eat it for the first time, you will wish to eat it again and again.

  • Sri Lanka curry and rice:

The curries in Sri Lanka that are the part of their daily meal are made up of young mango, banana, egg, jackfruit, potato, mushroom, and pumpkin. Most of these curries are usually cooked in coconut milk. The color of these curries is yellow as they are made with a lot of curry leaves. These curries are always the best choice for the people who wish to have vegetarian food but make sure that the food is cooked into pure butter instead of ghee. These curries with rice are famous for breakfast in different cities including Kandy.

Sri Lanka curry and rice


  • Dhal:

It is a lentil dish that is very spicy and tasty. It is served with roti bread, rice or in some areas with curries. It is made up of red lentils and green chilies are also added to it to enhance the taste of this dish. Along with that, a variety of other spices is also added to the dish. There is no special time for serving this dish. It can be served at any time of the day. Many visitors from different areas like this dish very much.



  • Roti:

This is a special type of flatbread that is made up of water, salt and flour. There is a culture of eating the meal with hand in Sri Lanka. People of this country eat roti with dhal or sometimes with curry. These roti bread are different in different regions of the country. These roti are also in a different taste with fillings. These fillings can be sweet or sour. The most commonly used fillings in roti bread banana, Nutella, egg, and cheese. even you can taste a roti bread having a filling of avocado. These coconut roti are very famous among the people, but they are very small in size.

sri lankan roti
Vegetable Roti
  • Paratha:

A paratha is a form of roti, but it makes use of oil or butter that’s why it is not healthier food to eat on a daily basis. But you can eat it occasionally to check its great taste.

  • Kottu:

Kottu roti is the specialty of Sri Lankan culture. It is a roti bread that is in the cut form and friend with the chopped meat or fish along with diced vegetables. This process of making this dish includes big large knives for the cutting which can be easily heard when you pass by the restaurants that are offering this dish.


  • String hoppers:

Sri Lanka vegetarian food also offers String hoppers which are the name of rice noodles. These noodles are a source of attraction and craving for the visitors especially the children. These are basically the nests of noodles that are made by steam. In its making, rice flour is used as a batter in fermented form. Then with the use of hands, this dough is pressed to give it a shape of nests. This dish is often served in breakfast or dinner. This is one of the most likable dishes of the Sri Lankan culture. The string hoppers that are savory in taste are served with dhal while the string hoppers that are sweet in taste are served with palm treacle. It is a healthy dish that does not have many calories because it is not made on fire rather it is made in steam.

  • Egg hopper:

They are like other hoppers, but the specialty of this dish is having a filling of an egg inside the pancakes. Usually, they are made in basket shape and contain a boiled egg in it. It can also be made in a roll shape having an omelet egg inside it.

Egg hopper sri lanka

Sri Lankan Desserts:

There is a huge range of desserts that this country is offering to people. the most famous and the commonly used desserts include:

  • Coconut pancakes ( commonly known as pol pani)
  • Milk rice  (commonly known as Kiribati)
  • Buffalo curds
  • Well Thalapa
  • Helapa

Fresh fruits

All of these desserts are very tasty and yummilicious and will give you the best sweet taste. One must try all of them if they are in Sri Lanka.  Along with above-mentioned food, many tea options are also open to visitors.


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