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6 Affordable Transport in Sri Lanka for Tourists

How to get around in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is the land of beautiful beaches and palm trees that are surrounded by crowded trees. The uniqueness of this beautiful includes the bigger elephants and the leopards with people that are good in nature along with the incredible food and the delicious taste. This land has been avoided by travelers for the past few decades, but in recent time it has become the most attractive and the most visited tourist place in South Asia. There are various researches that have been conducted exploring the beauty of this land. It has attracted people all over the world with its beauty and beaches. Though many people travel to Sri Lanka during the different durations of the year, the tour to this land is not as much cheap and economical as that of Maldives and Nepal. The luxurious facilities and the accommodation of this country are expensive in comparison to other countries. But, the good news is that there are many modes for traveling in a beautiful country, so everyone can easily afford it and can enjoy the beauty of nature in its most pure and simplest form. 

Here are 6 Affordable Transport services in Sri Lanka for Tourists include domestic flights, public transport, bus transport on main roads, bicycle and for the beaches one can use the boat. There are many points that should be taken into account before started traveling in Sri Lanka

The domestic flights that are available in Sri Lanka are very limited. The distances in the country are not that much vast, that needs the use of flights. Moreover, the expressways of the country are also getting small with the passage of time. Buses and trains are also a good choice in the public transport system. They are cheap and can be afforded by even middle-class people. One can also adopt the traveling from the trains that are even more cheaper and you have no need to get into the crowded bus and squash into other buses. Traveling in the standing form through train is always a better choice than standing on the bus.

If you are going to move from Colombo to Kandy or from Negombo to Galle by the means of buses, then the bus will cover almost 40 to 50kms per hour. If you are traveling in the hilly area, then the speed will down and will cover about 20kms in an hour.  All the transports especially the public transport are fully crowded near the Poya ( also known as the full moon) vacations, so it is advised to avoid traveling to Sri Lanka in these days. 


One of the best and cheapest way to traveling in Sri Lanka to see beautiful scenes of Sri Lanka. As traveling through train gives you the chances of seeing the different people within the train as well as outside the train. The train is not only saving money also the time by providing facilities.  The different unique and exceptional places are also part of the journey and one can easily view them by the windows of the train. Train guide is also the safest and the most comfortable means of traveling. You do not need to rush in a hurry as the timings are fixed.

train journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Bus Service 

It is the most commonly used service in How to get around Sri Lanka 5 affordable ways. This service is able to cover almost 90,000 km on the road of the country. It is also the most commonly and frequently used form of traveling within the country. Central Transport Board buses also known as CTB buses are the means of traveling to long-distance areas of the country. Privates buses are also run by independent companies. These companies offer bus services from a mini car to the larger coaches. Traveling through the bus in the country is a very enjoyable and interesting experience. One can focus the minute details of the areas while traveling on the bus. The cultural depiction of the country is also visible to those travelers who travel by means of the bus to the different areas of the country.

sri lanka bus

Bicycle :

The historic areas of the country can be visited by the people in the most enjoyable and adventurous form of bicycling. Sigiriya and Anuradhapura are the best places that can be visited by bicycle. East and the North areas of the country are also best to be explored by the use of bikes. 

Bike Tours :

There are many companies that are providing the services of cycling and bike tours to explore the beauty of the areas of the country. These areas are best to enjoy by bicycling in comparison to other means of traveling.  If one wants to enjoy the pleasing experience of biking or bicycling in the country’s beautiful areas, it is advised to get up early in the morning and start the tour early, in order to be protected and safe by the burning from the heat caused by the sun. it is also suggested to take water packs and sunblock for the protection of skin from the sunlight. If the company is providing the service, then it will be its responsibility to take care of your needs, but if your bringing your own cycle, then always bring spare tubes and tires. As the road and the hilly areas are stony and most of the times cause puncture, so in that case, if you will have the spare tires and tubes, it will help you to avoid any mishap. Always use good lock for the cycle.

Boat :

Though there are many services for traveling in Sri Lanka, when it comes to boating services, one can feel helpless because the availability of the boating service for traveling the country is very limited. There are no prominent ferry services available in the country. However, one can use the ferries to explore the islands that are located in the Southwest of Jaffna.

Air :

Though domestic flights are available for traveling within the country, the options for the selection of flights are very limited. Cinnamon Air provided the flights that are the connecting flights on Bandaranaike International Airport. Apart from this, only a limited schedule is offered the passengers that are very expensive and not everyone can afford it easily. One can travel through these flights only to a limited number of cities and areas of the country.

cinnamon air
best affordable airline in Sri Lanka


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