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Yala National Park – Safari Guide, Entrance Fee & How to get there?

Yala National Park

Yala national park is located towards the South coast of Sri Lanka. The different parts of the park are expanded to the water and are also in touch with the Indian Ocean. This park is one of the most unique and attractive places of the Sri Lankan culture. Thos most appreciating feature associated with Yala park is the presence of the wild animals in it. This guide will provide you the complete information about visiting the Yala park. The animals that will be visible to you during your visit to Yala park. The whole park is divided into 5 sections or zones. The two zones are always open for the public visit and also for the tourists. These are zones 1 and 5. The remaining zones of the park are only reserved for the professional researchers for the purpose of the research study and also for the film industry to shoot a variety of adventurous films in this beautiful place. This reservation helps in maintaining the natural beauty of the park because in this area there is no jeep or cars and this section is not crowded by the people. The best zone to be visited in this park for the public in the first zone because the animals in this zone are habitual of the noise and the activities that are caused by the vehicles and children respectively. Because this section is always open for the public, it includes all those animals that are of immense interest and enjoyment not only for children but also for the adults.

Whether you take only one drive to the park or many drives to the same park, this is the mandatory section to be visited in Yala park. The drawback in the first zone is that the bushes are very long that limited the sight of the person. In this way, you will only be able to see a small number of animals present in this zone of the park.  But the benefit if visiting this zone is that the animals are usually on the road or on the back side of the road so you can easily enjoy their presence around you. Apart from animals, this section also contains Canopy trees and mossy forests that are so close to the trailside that they touched it. There are no words to describe the beauty of this zone of the park because it has the simplest and attractive sight of the wild animals.

Yala National Park big wild cats in the Yala park that attracted the people from different areas who come and visit them. Many of the people from Sri Lanka came to Yala park, not because of the elephants and birds, but to see the uniqueness of these beautiful wild cats that have a significant name in the wildlife.

 There is no specific month or year to visit this beauty. Instead, the park and also the animals are always open for the public and one can easily visit this park without any second thought of the time or season.

Yala National Park Safari

Yala National Park Safari guide :

There are many companies that are providing services for visiting Yala park. However, there is no safari service that will ensure the visibility of the animals in the park. But it is guaranteed that you can easily see a variety of birds in the park that belongs to the different species.  Eagles, lizards, buffalo, wild boar, peacock, and deer are the common animals and birds that can be easily seen in the park during every time in the day. In addition to that Yala National Park Guide also offer the chance to the visitors to see the most horrible and the terrific animals like crocodile and leopards. Having these animals close to you can be the most thrilling experience for the people.

10 to 15 elephants are present in the park. These elephants with long tusk are the source of attraction for the visitors. It is not possible to see all of them but one of them can be seen by the visitors. Jumbo is the most famous elephant among them as he ate the handbag of the tourist.  There are almost 75 leopards that are present in zone 1, there are many chances to see one of them in the first zone. As we know well that leopard runs at a very fast speed so you need to be fully conscious to see them if you will be late even a single minute, you will miss the chance to see them.

Peacock displaying their feathers can give you the most fascinating scene of nature’s beauty.

Yala National Park LION

Yala National Park Safari lion

Yala National Park elephant

Yala National Park Safari bear

Yala National Park Safari Cost:

The entrance to the park can cost you about 3700 rupees. But when you go, there is almost 4000 to 6000 is spent at the entrance to the park. So you need to take a good amount of money with you when going to visit Yala National Park.

How to get there from Colombo:

If you are in Colombo and want to visit Yala National Park. The quickest way to reach your destination from the capital of Sri Lanka is the is through the bus. As buss=es are the most frequently used vehicles in Sri Lanka, they will reach the Yala park easily and will not cost you much expense. Normally, going through the bus to Yala park hardly costs you about 250 rupees to 550 rupees. The distance will be covered in 8 hours to 9 hours and the distance between Colombo and Yala National Park is approximately 193 km. it is suggested to visit the Yala park in the dry season from February to June of the year.

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