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How to Get Colombo to Galle

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country because of its beautiful nature scenes that God has gifted. It is basically an Island country. It attracts people throughout the world as it has the capacity to visit to see nature’s beauty. It is a historic land based on its civilization, culture and its connection with the Indian subcontinent, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Bengal, Gulf of Mannar. Its capital is Colombo and the main commercial hub for the country. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Galle is about 125 kilometers to the south of Colombo, and it takes almost around 2 hours depending upon the traffic on the road. The scenes on the way don’t let you bore a bit. In case if you wish to book TAXI from Colombo to Galle, you can book here.


Colombo to Galle train guide

Galle is the most favorite tourist spot and you would enjoy the immense beauty of nature on the way. No doubt it must be a memorable journey to travel by train from Colombia to Galle. Traveling experiences Colombo to Galle by Train is a very good and not so tiring activity, but it can be adventurous. No doubt it’s a wonderful experience to travel by train in Sri Lanka from Colombo to Galle as both side of windows of the train are showing a wonderful view of palm trees to both sides’ passengers.

Colombo Fort VS Maradana Station

There are two stations in Colombo; Maradana Station and Fort Railway Station. Maradana Station is further out of way as compared to the Fort Railway Station. The train starts at Maradana station. So, you have a less chance to get a seat at Fort Railway Station as all the seats are already filled up. People also suggest traveling from Maradana station because it is more convenient than Fort.

You might choose a tuk-tuk rickshaw for traveling from the hotel to Railway station as it is cheap, and people mostly choose it as it is their traditional service. The colorful image life of Sri Lanka is depicted by traveling on a train.

Colombo to Galle Train Time Table

Usually, there are several departures every day, and trains head out from Colombo between 06:35 to 18:50 while Galle trains depart at from 03:40 until 15:30. Check below timetable.

Km Notes: 2,3 2,3 2,3 2,3 2,3 Mon-Fri, 2,3 3 Mon-Fri, 3 Sat, Sun, 3 3
0 Colombo (Maradana) depart: 06:30 13:40 15:40 16:40 17:20 17:50 17:50 18:45
2 Colombo (Fort) depart: 06:55 08:35 10:30 14:05 15:50 16:46 17:25 18:00 17:55 19:30
116 Galle arrive: 09:48 11:18 13:02 16:46 17:47 19:13 20:05 20:38 21:26 22:55
159 Matara arrive: 11:07 12:20 14:17 18:08 18:40 20:25 21:53


You don’t have 1st class option on this route.  Unless shown otherwise, trains operate on a daily basis.

2 = unreserved 2nd class seats; (can be booked up to 30 days in advance.)

3 = unreserved 3rd class seats;

You can take a look at train times making use of official Sri Lanka Railways website,, but double-check train times domestically.

Unreserved 2nd class seats can be booked up to 30 days in advance and it’s recommended option for tourist. If you have a hectic schedule, then go for it otherwise buying from station is recommended.

Ticket Cost

Prices can be different if you buy online or from agents.

1st Class Rs.340 (LKR), $2.50. (If available, Most this route doesn’t have it.)

2nd Class Rs.180 (LKR), $1.30.

3rd Class Rs.100 (LKR), $0.75

You can have packed items of food with you or you can purchase it directly from station but in order to save time you must have your food with you. It is about in range of a normal price. Be sure that you have some spare cash with you after buying a ticket. After this you can wait for your desired train at platform. Look for your train because they change their departure platform quickly. Be aware of pickpockets because bad people can be found everywhere, and you may face this situation and suffer in discomfort and in the crowded areas this mishap happens will give you a penalty and misadventure. So, you should be active enough to get yourself a seat at once otherwise you have to spent three hours while standing.

On the way to Galle the train does stops at stations along the way to pick up and drop the passengers. It is very common for vendors to board on the train and sell snacks to passengers and left after some time on another station. The train is a diesel locomotive and it is believed to gifted by Canadian government in 1954. Mostly the paths have palm trees, coast, ocean and small village along with people living in them struggling to change their lives. The train moves quite fast, while oncoming trains appears to be closer than they are. The train rocks side to side a little and will stop abruptly without any notice.

The toilets are not in good condition and you should carry hand sanitizer. Be careful while choosing a seat which is away from the toilet. Last row seats (facing two large windows) of the observation wagon has the maximum view, hence try to grab one of those sets.  Sri Lanka’s weather is divided into two regions it is in South Asia and others lie in the region where Malaysia, Indonesia weather lies. So, there is very hot weather at day time and rainy weather mostly during night time or when the sunsets. You should have an umbrella with you as you can experience rain when you left the train. When you get reached Galle, hand over your ticket to the checker.

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