Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach – Safest Place to Enjoy Sea Bathing

Nilaveli is one of the most attractive and beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. The beach is famous for the refreshing sports of water like scuba diving. Nilavela beach is located at a distance of about 275 km from Colombo. It is on the northwest side of the island. If you want to feel connected with nature, then Nilaveli beach is the best place to visit. The pearly sand of the beach is really eye-catching. Nilaveli beach is visited by a large number of people who want to take a break from the busy and hectic life. Visiting this beach is a must in itinerary of Sri Lanka.

How to get to Nilaveli Beach:

You can reach to Nilaveli beach by means of the train from Colombo to Nilavel Beach. .If you decide to take a trip to be a train, there is undoubtedly an Eastern Line Express (B) Colombo that departs Colombo Fort station at 06:05 am and reaches Trincomalee at 13:55 pm. Train Can take about 8 hours, change trains once at Galoya junction. Ticket cost would be around $3 (500 LKR). If you reserve in upfront it comes with an overnight sleeper train as well, which costs additional. Tuk-Tuk/taxi from Trincomalee station is about 700 rupees. You can find buses from Trincomalee to Nilaveli as well.

By Bus

At night 10:30 PM from Colombo to Trincomalee luxury bus daily goes that’s operated by a private company Super Line. Bus ticket cost is about 1100 LKR ($6.50).Bus reach to Trincomalee around 4:30 AM.

Boardings Schedule

Dehiwala Frazer Avenue – 10:15 PM
Wellwatta Arpico Bus Halt – 10:30 PM
Bampalapitty 7 Stories – 10:35 PM

Local business also leaves Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal to Trincomalee. It’s the easier and cheapest way to travel Nilaveli.

The best time to visit Nilaveli beach is during the months of April and October.

Nilaveli Beach

Things To Do:

Nilaveli beach has many major attractions that can make people more relax and comfortable.

Water sports:

Diving and windsurfing are the best things to do on the Nilaveli beach.


Taking the sunbath is the best thing to do on the beach. You can enjoy the sunbath by sitting on the chair and reading the book.


Snorkeling in the small rocky island is also the most unique and pleasurable experience. The island is located just a little away from the coast.

Major attractions in Nilaveli:

The things that are considered as the major attractions of Nilaveli include hot water wells and the pigeon islands. These two features of Nilaveli attract tourist from various parts of the world.

Where to Stay:

There are many different options available to the visitors for staying in Nilaveli. The most famous ones include:

Anilana Nilaveli:

This hotel will give you the most intimate atmosphere. You will feel like being at home. Along with this, the hotel also offers a variety of eatables to visitors. The hotel will deliver the services and food according to your preferences.

Amaranthe Bay:

This hotel is also good to stay in Nilaveli. You can enjoy there in a comforting and relaxing environment. It also has good options of eating items.

Nilaveli Beach Hotel:

Nilaveli beach hotel is good for staying and relaxing.

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