Tallala Beach

Talalla Beach – Travel Guide for Beach Lovers


Encompassed by the coconut palms, Talalla beach is a white sand beach located in the south coast of Sri Lanka and has a distance of about 190 km from Colombo.  It is less discovered as compared to the other beaches of the country. It is an area free from noise and has an attractive view of the waves.  Talalla is located close to Galle city.  The beach is the best place to relax and spend quality time.  

How to get to Talalla Beach :

There are several ways to get around there. You can reach Talalla by means of the train (express) from Colombo. You can read a detailed post on how to go from Colombo to Galle here.  But the Train is the cheapest and comfortable option to go there and it takes around 3 hours. You can also take a Bus from Colombo Bastian Mawatha terminal to the Matara Bus station (Galle) Next to Galle Railway station. 

From Matara bus stand, You can take Matara to Dickwella bus Route no: 346/1 or Matara to Tangalle bus Route no: 333/4 from Matara Bus Station. As an alternative from Matra bus stand takes bust that goes (Bus Route 388/4 I guess)  to Palikudawa and walks a few minutes. 

Tangalle Bus should be faster. You just can let the Conductor know that you need to reach the Talalla beach! Ideally, you should be getting down in the middle of Gandara Police Station and Talalla, Naotunna Junction. When you say Talalla Beach they will know. Won’t be an issue. Bus fare is exactly 58LKR per person. From where you get down its about 500-600m walk to the beach.

Best time to visit the Talalla beach for ideal conditions of weather is from January to March. But, there are chances of the rain in almost all the seasons of the year, but if you wish to visit the year in hot weather, then you can also visit the beach in the months of April or May.  

Things To Do:

Talalla beach is not a good place for surfing. However, you can do the following things there:


Talalla beach is the best place for swimming. You can enjoy the best experience of swimming on the beach. 


You can spend the quality time on the beach without exerting any pressure on yourself. Do sit under the beautiful green trees and get a book to read. Walking on the road is also a good choice to do on the beach.


Cocktails are available at the cheaper rates on the eastern end. You can enjoy them while walking on the beach. 


There are spots on the beach which offers yoga for the people who come to visit the beach.

Where to Stay:

Talalla beach resort is a good choice to stay. The rooms of the resort are very spacious as well as clean. There are also facilities of swimming and bar. 

The Sri Lankan food restaurant is also a good place to stay and the dishes are very delicious and yummy.

Where to eat:

In every restaurant, you will be able to find vegetables and seafood.  The zephyr Talalla restaurant is the best place to eat because it offers a variety of eating as well as drinking items. Cocktail, passion, mango, Redrum, cumin, and orange are available for the visitors. Along with that, the staff is also very cooperative. On top of the Zephyr restaurant, you can see the beautiful beach view.


While swimming at the beach, be careful because sometimes the water weaves become so high and dangerous that it can cause serious damage to the people. Make proper arrangements before swimming on the beach.


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